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What is Project64?

If you previously possessed one of Nintendo’s ground-breaking video game consoles, the N64, you may now re-experience classic titles such as Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Resident Evil 2, and Mario Kart.

The best way to play both classic and modern console games on your PC is through an emulator. N64 ROMs can be played on your computer using Project64, a Nintendo 64 emulator.

Because Project64 supports ZIP files and automatically decompresses them, it is the primary software that executes all of your ROMs, compressed or not.

Your gaming experience will be wonderful because of the excellent video and audio quality and the joystick support.

You can play nearly all of the platform’s games using Project64, though you could come across some that the emulator does not support. All of our ROMs have been played during our tests. You may find a list of all supported games in the help menu.

Download Project64

Play your preferred N64 games on your desktop by using Project64: Console on your PC

Project64 is regarded as one of the top Nintendo 64 emulators on the market because of its dependable stability. The controls, however, remain unstable because they still represent the old controller despite everything. You’ll be forced to reach across your keyboard in an attempt to press the right keys as a result. Fortunately, there are techniques to change these key bindings so that you can play more effectively.

With your buddies, you can play some of your favorite games from your youth. Project64 offers multiplayer games, making it the perfect platform for playing through old favorites like Mario Party.

Since Project64 is open-source software, every time an update is made, the internet community scans it for viruses and other problems. You’ll always have a secure installation as long as you download from the official source. In all other circumstances, you run the danger of installing adware, which many people have claimed to be a common problem.

You must first download a game’s ROM from the internet to play it. Fortunately, a wide variety of websites offer the ROMS. But you should be ready since occasionally games may crash and not all of them will load.

In which windows you can use this program?

Windows 7 and later versions of Windows support Project64. So, you can use this program freely on Windows 7.

Is there any preferable substitute available?

No. Despite the number of Nintendo 64 emulators, Project64 is considered one of the best. RetroArch, which is a somewhat similar alternative, is available for evaluation.


Experiencing some of your favorite games on your PC with this emulator is a terrific way to bring back fond memories from your youth.

Pros and Cons of Project64

To you and your gaming friends, Project64 will bring a surge of nostalgia.


  • Easy accessible and adaptable
  • Multi-functioned and convertible


  • Not all games function.
  • ROMs must be downloaded individually.
  • May put adware on

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How safe is Project64?

Ans. Project64 is secure. Project64’s 2.2 version received harsh criticism for having malware in its code, however, as of 2016, the program has been virus-free. In VirusTotal, none of its most recent versions have any positive results.

Q. When did Project64 become available?

Ans. Project64’s initial launch was in May 2001. The popular 3.0 version was released in May 2021 as part of the emulator’s 20th-anniversary celebration.

Q. For Project64, do you require BIOS?

Ans. No extra BIOS downloads are required for Project64. The download comes with everything you need for the emulator to function and run games properly.

Q. Is Project64 completely free?

Ans. Project64 is indeed completely free. Its creators promise that all of the emulator’s features will always be free to use and accept donations on their official website.

Q. What amount of storage does Project64 require?

Ans. The size of Project64 is slightly over 4 MB, making it one of the most compact Nintendo 64 emulators accessible. The application is ideal for low-end PCs because it uses very few resources.

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