How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on PC with Project64 Emulator

There are a few fun games for the N64 that should not be missed. There are simply too many games that we have overlooked, from Star Fox 64 to Super Mario 64, from Banjo Kazooie to Sin & Punishment. Back then, one of the consoles that gave Sega trouble was the N64.

The Nintendo 64, Nintendo’s third video game console, was unveiled in 1994. Nintendo enthusiasts couldn’t help but be drawn to the console’s unique design, 64-bit central processor, which improved the graphics and made the games more spectacular, and reasonable price.

The Nintendo 64 didn’t release many new games, but the ones that did were updated and improved, which only increased the console’s appeal. As a result, playing Mario, Jumpman, and Kirby on the new console touting its cutting-edge 3D visuals grew increasingly more appealing and exciting.

If you want to test out the N64 soon, don’t worry because this guide has you covered. Project64 is the emulator you’ll need to play N64 games on your computer. This excellent emulator enables you to play a huge selection of games on your screen. Be aware, though, that this emulator is out of date. To learn more about Project64, continue reading below.

Play Nintendo 64 Games on PC with Project64 Emulator

How to set up Project 64

Project64 is a standalone program that doesn’t require an installation procedure, just like the other emulators that were featured on the website. As usual, installation is straightforward: simply unzip Project64 from its zip file and you’re ready to go. As always, save this emulator somewhere other than the main drive as you are likely to run into problems such as corrupted save files, BSODs, or outright crashes of the emulator. Put it on your D/Drive if you want to keep everything in order. After doing this, simply double-click the emulator to make it work.

Where you can find N64 Games?

Here we are unable to provide you with any ROM links. If you own the original hardware, feel free to remove games from it. Alternatively, look for the games on your own.

How can N64 games be played on a PC?

  • Making Project64 is the first step.

The greatest N64 game emulator currently on the market, according to some, is this one. Therefore, downloading the suggested emulator would be a smart idea if you’re ready to start playing N64 games on your PC.

On the website’s home page, you’ll be given the option to select between Project64’s Windows and Android versions. Since this post is about setting up the emulator on a Windows machine, we’ll say that you must choose the “Windows” version of the emulator, then click the obvious yellow “Get Project64 for Windows” button, after which the download will begin. The download won’t be complete for a few seconds.

  • Obtaining ROMs for the N64 for Project64

Your emulator has been installed and is ready for use. You should purchase some old-school video games so you can test your program. If you try searching for the N64 ROMs (or games) you’re interested in, you’ll quickly find a tonne of results offering to download the ROMs from various websites. We advise you to only download ROM files from reputable websites to save yourself time and the possibility of downloading something seriously harmful to your PC.

As a result, you can go to if you require N64 ROMs for your Project64 emulator. Choose your preferred N64 ROM from there, then click “Download Now” to save the new game to your computer.

  • Running the Games is the last step.

You must extract the content of the required file after downloading it into the same folder where you previously put your Project64.

Launch the emulator after that, and select “Game.” Pick “Load” from the “Game” section. Navigate through the downloaded ROMs folder.

How to organize your games?

Similar to the Dolphin emulator, Project64 can assist you in organizing your games in front of you rather than always launching them. Simply right-click the white space and choose Choose ROM Directory, as displayed above, to arrange your games.

How you can use Project 64 cheats?

Project64 has a built-in cheat application, similar to ePSXe. You don’t have to look for codes and see if they work. You may easily get that taken care of via Project64. Simply choose what you want, and forget the rest. So, here’s how to activate cheats:

  1. Using an emulator, Select System > Cheats.
  2. Check the boxes next to the cheats you desire.
  3. That’s all, shut the window and have fun!

A BSOD screen will appear if you utilize cheats for a very long time. Sadly, this cannot be fixed. Particularly if you’re utilizing a trick for “unlimited lives” or “infinite HP,” the problem arises. You will undoubtedly see the screen of death after passing away. If not, Windows will simply terminate the application with a warning.

Bottom Line

We hope that this guide will assist you in playing N64 games that you may have missed in the past or if you’re planning to revisit the memories.

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